Customer Testimonials

Country Store Employee

To whom it may concern,

I am a cashier at a small grocery & deli store. I really love our XpressRetail computer system. I am now able to do many things I could not do before on the old program. I am able to change prices, do return items and most important, I am able to close down at the end of the night.

Many thanks to everyone at XpressRetail.

  • Antoinette

Package Store Owner

I never thought anything could be this simple, and yet be so advanced. I like the intelligence that was put into this to make it so easy to use. I have a small business, and with XpressRetail, I can do anything that big business can do, and I get more done with my business than I ever did before.

  • Dixit

Liquor Mart Employee

The XpressRetail system is a great and simple-easy to use system. I have yet to use a POS, that is so convenient and reliable. I definitely recommend the XpressRetail in all businesses!

  • Chelsea

Package Store Employee

XpressRetail is great because it was made to be easy to use. Its so easy yet it can handle the most complex of tasks. This has been a great help to us and I don't know what we would do without it now. It should take no more than a day to get used to this system. Easy, fast, smart, and simple. That's how I describe XpressRetail.

  • Charlie

Liquor Mart Employee

The new system [XpressRetail] we are now using saves a great deal of time. Being in the retail business, time is 90-95 % of customer satisfaction. Being able to take care of the customer as soon as possible, makes the system a winner. In retail, when not waiting on customers, we can inventory our stock with little more then a push of a button, which puts us on top of what we sell; so record keeping is a lot more effective & easier. It is now hard to order incorrectly.

Another great feature of the system is closing. At closing, everybody wants to be done as soon as possible. This system does just that. It's easy to use the entire closing system the first time. It's not the one that you need to study over & over again.

Like I said, customer satisfaction is the key to running your business. This system does just that and more.

  • Robert